My Story

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C. Randy Gregg holds a basic belief about leadership -- effective leaders must be intentional and they must serve others. He should know. He’s been rediscovering these truths throughout his career, and this has been his lifelong learning process.

It began with education. During the 1970s and 80s, he earned bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees in personal growth and organizational development. This formalized training served him well as he led a series of churches to significant growth as a minister. In each setting he inevitably held coaching conversations about work and leadership. People wanted answers to their questions about work relationships and resolving issues as:

“I have great people, but we struggle with communication. What can I do?” or,

“I have been given an opportunity to lead a new team. How can I get everyone on the same page fast ?”

Over time, he observed that the workplace was becoming more diverse and problems much more complex. He believed there was a desperate need for someone to listen to people’s deepest concerns while protecting confidentialities, navigating fragile relationships, and delivering results, even when consensus didn’t exist.

He began to realize that corporate managers could especially benefit from someone with his background as a minister to address difficult organizational challenges and their impact on employee success. But instead of offering religious zeal and moral platitudes, he preferred to present healthy solutions to such things as personnel problems, personality differences, relationship conflicts, and relentless change.

Soon, he began to offer corporate training programs and team building for a number of corporate contacts across the country. From Portland, ME to Portland, OR, he traveled the United States training thousands of employees. He found his innate talents for organization, facilitation, and conflict intervention were invaluable in addressing organizational dilemmas.

In 1992, Dr. Gregg recreated his career by founding a new business, Corporate Performance Resources. Today, CPR works successfully with leaders at all levels within an organization to realize bottom line results. His down-to-earth approach, warm sense of humor, and storytelling acumen continue to serve him well.

To address recurring leadership problems encountered throughout his many years as a professional consultant, Dr. Gregg has written five, well-received books for leaders:  Living YES in a NO World guides leaders who are overwhelmed with NO of life to discover the power and potential of a healthy internal YES; The Intentional Communicator offers a proven process for improve the effectiveness of leader, team or organizational communication;  Jumpstart Leadership gives new leaders a fast-track approach to effective leadership from the first day; Building Trust and Credibility in Uncertain Times helps leaders better understand the power of credibility and to recognize trust as the real currency of influence; and The Blind Spots of Leadership illuminates some common leadership pitfalls and patterns of behavior that can quickly undermine the effectiveness of the best leaders;

Dr. Gregg enjoys working with organizations of all sizes in multiple roles: as a confidential adviser to a few at the highest corporate level; as a developer of organizational-wide solutions that impact all employees; or as a coach to a single vice president, helping him become the best leader he can be.