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“Dr. Gregg’s books will help new leaders find the help they need for a smooth and resourceful transition to successfully manage people.”
DeAnn Dent
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The Intentional Communicator

How Effective Leaders Communicate

In his latest book,The Intentional Communicator, Randy Gregg, CEO of Corporate Performance Resources, offers readers much more than a wonderful detailed primer on effective communication for leaders. With his simple down-home approach, he takes readers on a journey that can transform them into a powerful communicator and effective leader. This book is like a hands-on travel guide for exploring and traveling the path from becoming an Intentional Communicator. With insight and empathy, Gregg, who holds bachelor, a master's, and doctoral degrees in personal growth and organizational development, charts where the perils and hidden pitfalls lie and offers warnings, counsel and inspiration, as only a seasoned veteran who know this path intimately well. 

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“In an easy-to-read format, Dr. Gregg offers insight, strategy, and checklists that can help any leader. [His books] are excellent resources for businesses and leaders.”
Ginger Herring
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“His books are great, practical everyday advice, easy to read and easy to follow.”
Sharon Moore
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