Losing Time and Money Due to Miscommunication?

Want the Members of Your Team to Get on the Same Page? 

Ready to Move Beyond Personality Differences? 


If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for more than the 'read a book, go to a seminar, and prepare a power point presentation' approach to leaders as communicators. 

You are looking for a proven resource that moves beyond the surface, deals with the hidden issues that undermine effective communication in individuals, teams and organization, and builds productive work relationships. You want to take it to the next level. 

You know that to make a lasting impact there is more to it than sending an email, making a presentation, or facilitating a meeting. You long to see communication leaders; those individuals who will step forward and make a difference simply in the way they share information, serve others, hold conversations, make it easy for others to talk to them, or make it easy for people to hear them. You lead others in the way you serve.

You understand that most approaches to leaders as communicators are limited because they:

  • Focus on a specific skill but not communication leadership
  • Deliver temporary results
  • Do not provide on-going support
  • Are too time consuming or costly to implement

This is why I am so excited to share the How Effective Leaders Communicate E-Course with you. Having been a leadership consultant, mediator, minister, trainer and facilitator in a variety of challenging and difficult settings over the last 35 years, I know what it takes to get your message understood, where conversations can get off track, how to address the tough subjects, and how to deal with difficult personalities. But being a communication leader involves more than just being able to deal with the tough stuff, possess all of the necessary skills, or get along well with others. This is where most providers fall short. The secret lies in being able to make a positive impact just in the way you communicate. Your intention, style, practices and presence are some of the many ways you serve others.c

Are you a little confused? Not clear yet? No problem. That's okay. This is the reason I created How Effective Leaders Communicate e-course. I believe you have to look at leadership and communication in a very different way. You have to make mental shifts. You move from thinking about what you want to say to what the other person needs to hear. You stop talking as much and you start listening more. I don't want to reveal too many secrets here because I want all of the pieces to fit together into a nice cohesive picture that will transform your life--personally and professionally.  

Here are a few of the benefits you will realize by taking this course:  

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce miss-communication and misunderstanding
  • Improve communication up, down, and across the organization
  • Build stronger relationships and teams
  • Help new leaders make a great start

Course description: How Effective Leaders Communicate is an 8 session e-course designed to help a leader, team, or organization, identify and remove the barriers that prevent effective communication. Based upon his best selling book, The Intentional Communicator: How Effective Leaders Communicate, Randy Gregg leads, coaches, and provides feedback as you go through these very interactive lessons. Each week you receive a 28-34 minute video, downloadable outline for the session, Big Idea, homework, and discussion. This proven process transforms the way you look at communication and leadership. You will learn, grow, and develop the skills that will help you become the most effect leader you can be. 

Topics Covered:

  • Welcome and Getting Started
  • If You Want to Be an Effective Communicator, You Must Be Intentional
  • The One Thing You Want to Do Before You Send an Email, Hold a Conversation, or Schedule a Meeting
  • How You Can Build a Rock Solid Foundation of Influence and Power as a Leader
  • How to Become a 'Pay Attention' Leader
  • The Biggest Stumbling Block You Will Face in Becoming an Effective Leader and Communictor
  • Win-Win Conversations: Make It Easy for Employees to Hear You and Talk to You
  • Deliver 'Communicate Your Socks Off' Service
  • Practice Self-Reflection and Avoid Sabotaging Yourself as a Communicator

This Is what You Will Receive

First Big Bonus: 

When You Sign Up for this Course, You Receive a Copy of The Intentional Communicator: How Effective Leaders Communicate--a jam packed book of proven strategies, practices, and insights that you can put to immediate use. 


Second Big Bonus:

Your ProScan Report--A 20 page personalized assessment of your behavior style that identifies tendencies in regards to strengths, limitations, stress, leadership, communication, motivation and relationships. This tool helps you discover the power of your work style and will provide instant into your communication tendencies, how you send out information, and how you want others to communicate to you. 


Third Big Bonus: 

The dynamic 8 session How Effective Leaders Communicate e-course with engaging videos, downloadable handouts, homework, and interactive discussion. 




Fourth Big Bonus: 

You will also receive support, coaching and feedback from Dr. Randy Gregg as he leads you through the material and sessions. As a mediator, trainer, minister, and leadership consultant for the last 35 years, he knows what individual leaders and teams have to do to build strong and productive teams. From his extensive experience, he has learned what it takes on a personal and professional level to navigate the path to becoming an Intentional Communicator. 

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